Selasa, 04 September 2012

Descriptive: My Beautiful Country

My Beautiful Country

 Indonesia, yes it’s a famous country. It’s the place where I can stand and live        . You know, it’s a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia, as I know it well, is an archipelago comprising at around 17.000 islands. FANTASTIC !!!. it’s so much islands in this country. And it has 33 provinces. With over 230 million people, including my self       .And it’s the world’s fourth most populous country.

I stand for years here, you know, Indonesia is a beautiful city with lots of it’s  fantastic scenery and one of that, that place is Bali.        It’s the most popular island in the world.       WOOW!!!!. What about food?? Yum -yum.. uhhmmm..        It’s delicious. Indonesia has lots of food if you like a spicy food, my country has a many kind of ‘sambal’, I bet you will like it. YUMMY….
The country shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, east Timor, and Malaysia. But no border of my heart with Indonesia at all.       Despite its large population and densely populated regions, Indonesia has vast areas of wilderness that support the world’s second highest level of biodiversity         .The country is richly endowed with natural resources, yet poverty remains widespread.

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