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Cara memimpin rapat dalam bahasa Inggris

Sebagai seorang yang sibuk dengan aktifitas kantor atau organisasi, tentu rapat/ meeting akan menjadi hal yang biasa dilakukan. Rapat yang memakai bahasa Inggris dalam komunitas tertentu sudah selayaknya digunakan. Nah, bagi anda yang belum tahu bagaimana menghandle rapat dalam bahasa Inggris, silahkan dipelajari expresses/ ungkapan yang simple berikut:

Opening A meeting
Let’s get down to business.
Ok, shall we make a start?
Right, let’s begin.

Welcoming and introducing
Welcome, everybody.
I’d like to start by welcoming everybody.
Firstly, I’d like to introduce…
I don’t think everyone knows…

Apologies for absence
I’m afraid that…cannot be with us today because…
I have received apologies for absence from…

Defining the objective
Our objective today is to…
I’ve called this meeting to look at the question of…
By the end of this meeting we should have…

Introducing the agenda
Have you all seen a copy of the agenda? Can we take it as read?
OK.As you can see from the agenda, there are …items.
Firstly…,secondly…, thirdly…, finally….
I suggest we follow the agenda.
Can we start with…,then come on to…,and finish with…?
Is there any other business?

The minutes
John will be taking the minutes.
Tim, could you take the minutes?

Process and roles
I suggest we go round the table first
I’d like to hear what everyone thinks before we make the decision.
Firstly, I would to give you a little  more background.
 Perhaps I should start by outlining my view of this.
Mr. Gonzales is going to make us through point one.

I would like to finish by three o’clock.
The meeting is due to finish at…
We’re short of time, so can I ask you to be brief?
Can we keep each item to fifteen minutes?

Let’s begin
So, the first item on the agenda is…
Right, let’s start with…
Mr. Chin, could you introduce this item?
Abu Bakar, would you like to start with the first point?

-Introduce, if necessary
-Apologies for absence
-Devine the objective
-Introduce the agenda
-Confirm the minute-taker
-Explain the procedure
-Allocate roles
-Agree timing

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