Jumat, 14 September 2012

Contoh Surat Pribadi (Privat Letter)

                                             April, 1st 2008
Dear Evi and Andi,
Just a note to let you know that we (have) a wonderful
holiday in Bali. It was a really great place. The people are
friendly, the food's great, and the weather's a lot better (as/
than) at home. Can you (believe) it?

Most days were pretty (lazy/lazily). I (swim) two or
three times a day, but my brother Fachri just (spend) all his
time lying on the beach with his eyes closed.

Last Saturday I (get) on the bus and (go) to the north
and of the island, It was much (quiet) there than here–very
beautiful, but no tourists. The next day we (go) across to
the east coast (see) some of the old villages.

I (learn) Balinese–I still can't (say) much, but it was
fun to try. Fachri actually (speak) it quite well, but he was
afraid to open his mouth, so I was the one who talked to

Love to your parents. See you soon, I (hope).


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